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This article is about anatomy and items for standard Hairdorables Dolls. Major variations will be addressed on specific pages.

Basic Doll Overview is a summary of the overall features of the Hairdorables dolls and accessories. While each specific doll has a unique look with unique outfits and accessories themed to her look, there is a basic anatomy shared among the dolls. This allows every doll to wear any other doll's clothing fairly well. There are also similar traits across articles of clothing, accessories, and shoes.

Overall Doll Anatomy and Skin Tones

Each Hairdorable doll is made of plastic vinyl and approximately five inches tall from top of head to base of feet, not including hairstyles. The anatomy dimensions take influence from the Japanese chibi art style or super-deformed; the head makes up 2/5ths of the dolls' overall size. The characters are intended to be "tween" aged as Noah is twelve years old (products and marketing mention use of Youtube, which users must be thirteen to have accounts without parental permission).

Regular dolls have realistic skin tones; the skin tones are the same across a single character. Skin tones can be documented as follows in level of intensity:

Notable differences include Super Neila who has light green skin and Rayne Showers who has brown iridescent shimmer. Characters are not defined racially or ethnically [1], but can be mapped by simulated hair texture and skin tone to perceived racial phenotype.


Heads are about two inches tall and about six inches in circumference. Faces have large eyes, small button noses with slightly indented nostrils, and wide mouths. The faces come in either closed mouth or open mouth style.

The back of the heads have ©2017 JP China molded on the back center just below the hairline.

Heads turn left and right on a pivot joint at the neck.

Eyes and Eyebrows

Eyes are painted on and always open. They are approximately 1/2" tall and 1/2" wide, not including lash, and teardrop shaped. There is a fine line of eye shadow above each eye. Each eye has dark eyeliner with a single winged eyelash. The eyes have large pupils with highlights, character-matching colored irises, pupils of a slightly darker color, and white sclera. There are also two white highlights on the right side of the eyes unless the doll is glancing right, in which case they are on the left.

Eyes are orientated three directions: glancing together to the left, glancing together to the right, or facing forward and centered.

A thin line of eye shadow is above each eye.

Every doll has arched thick line eyebrows, frequently matching the default or majority hair color. Known exceptions are Sallee (blue eyebrows, white hair), Harmony (blue eyebrows, green hair), and Willow (brown eyebrows, pastel hair). Dee Dee's eyebrows match the pink half of her hair; Neila's match the blue.


Each doll either has a open mouthed smile that shows even white teeth and a slightly darker inner mouth or a closed mouth smile. Lips are painted in tones of pink.


Ears are well defined and molded as part of the head and slick out slightly.

While illustrations on some characters show earrings, none of the characters come with painted earrings or pierced ears.


The hair is synthetic nylon doll hair and rooted to the head. The paint underneath the scalp matches hair colors; undercolored hair and streaks are not painted on the scalp but some highlights may be. Sharply dual colored hair (e.g. Dee Dee's variations, Star Struck Neila) is color-matched under each section.

Hair comes in three main textures: wavy/curly, straight, or tightly coiled. Loose hairstyles and braids come down to the dolls' feet; Curled ponytails and straight looped ponytails generally are styled up and stop at the hips, but would come to to the feet if down. Topknot ponytails are made of dual ponytails--one looped up high, the other left to free hang--and the hair is about calf length up and come to the feet loose. Tightly coiled hair if stretched will come down to the feet. Many loose styles will go past the feet when down.

Hairstyles that need to be held in place in package (braids, ponytails) are shaped with clear rubber bands; some ponytails are banded at the bottom in packaging. If a part is present, it is thatched to hide rooting.

Sk8r Noah comes with a Velcro-attached flower in her hair. Super Neila has clear tinsel in the hair. Rayne Showers has three colors of metallic tinsel.


The torso is approximately 1 3/4" from neck to crotch and match skin tones to the head.

Bodies are covered with painted on strapless bodysuits (that go under the arms) in colors that are specific to each character (e.g. all versions of Willow have light blue bodysuits). The torso has a slight solid chest, slim waistline and wide hips.

Arms and Hands

The arms are connected to the torso on rotating hinge joints that can be posed in multiple positions. Hands are five fingered and molded with visible fingers, though fingers except thumb are not separated. No fingernails are visible.

Arms and hands come in three varieties. Bent and straight arms can come matched or interchangeable; Heart Hands always come together.

Bent Arms

The arm is bent at the elbow approximately ninety degrees, with slightly cupped hands and fingers; the thumb is slightly apart. This allows the doll to place the hand on her hip or cup her face.

Straight Arms

The arm is held out at a mostly straight angle, with slightly cupped hands; the thumb is slightly out. The hand can reach up to the ear.

Heart Hands

The arms are bent at approximately ninety degrees with curved fingers and the thumb held out. These are always paired as a set on a doll so that, when the hands are posed in front of the chest together, the hands cup together to make the shape of a heart with the thumbs on the bottom.

Legs and Feet

The legs are attached to the torso on rotating joints that can be posed in multiple positions. There are shaped knee and ankle prominences, and visible toes with no visible toenails. On the bottom of the left foot is a manufacturing code; this does not indicate which doll, but the batch code that a group was in.


Clothing is fabric, fully removable, and closes along the back with velcro. Tops and bottoms are two separate pieces. Tops, skirts, and dresses open fully along the back; shorts and pants velcro at the back of the waist or have elastic waistbands. Hems may or may not be present. Skirts include a thin ribbon that goes between the legs and against the crotch so that skirts do not ride up high.


Shoes are molded colored plastic with both molded and painted details. With the exception of some flats or sandals, the shoes are slit up the back[2] to facilitate putting on and taking off. Socks, if part of the outfit, are molded as part of the shoes.


Several accessories can be sorted into the following categories:

  • Barrette Hair Clip: Plastic molded hair barrette with attached hair extension. Barrettes close with a peg-and-hole closure, and the hair extension is looped around the back of the barrette double folded and bundled together with a clear plastic band.
  • Barrette Clip: Barrette clip with no hair attachments. Barrettes close with a peg-and-hole closure.
  • Glasses: Plastic molded glasses with no lenses.[3]
  • Hat/Visor/Helmet: Plastic molded hat or helmet.
  • Tiara/Headband/Head Mic: Plastic molded tiara/headband. These have gripping teeth.
  • Cloth headbands: Cloth headbands with elastic straps. Harmony Rocks's headband has a bow as well.
  • Hand-Held Object: Plastic molded hand-held object with molded handle/grip so the doll's hand can hold the item or it can be clipped on the arm.
  • Purse or Bag: Plastic molded purse or bag. They do not open.

Accessories that do not fit in these categories are as follows:


See Combs.


  1. The only exception is Skylar, whose bio IDs her as Native Hawaiian.
  2. Star Struck Neila's shoes are slit on the inside.
  3. Sunnin' Skylar has solid plastic lenses.