Series One Hairdorables.

Series One is the first release of the Hairdorables main characters.

The series was released initially in August 2018 at Target, Walmart, and through Amazon, at a retail cost of approximately US $12.99 and can be found at most locations that sell toys.


The series introduces the twelve main characters, each in three unique looks for a total of thirty-six dolls. Each doll's variations include at least one Signature Look.

Two Rares and one Ultra Rare were included; the others were of standard distribution.

Box Packaging and Reveals

The purple-themed box is sealed over the pull tab with thick clear plastic. (Second wave packages have different cover pull plastic and were also surrounded around with a second strip of clear shrink wrap plastic). Removing the plastic cover releases the Collector List if pulled out. The front tab peels down the front to open the package, showing the randomized background and sealed surprises.

The surprises are numbered 1-4 behind perforated cardboard flaps, with the doll behind the left side under a sealed flap and a "warning" to open the doll last. Behind each numbered flap is a plastic bin.

Each "bin" is sealed with plastic to be peeled off, each with variant hair puns and/or images of the characters. The fourth bin is slightly larger than the other three to accommodate larger accessories.

The doll is in a sealed rectangular package; there are four styles of doll packaging, with two designed with the back having spaces cut out for her hair; one is open and high for high styles such as ponytails; one if open and low for long styles, one is up and enclosed with a "bun" for curly haired dolls, and one is enclosed and shaped to hold bobbed hair. Starting in a third microwave, a plastic saddle stand was also included and taped to the bottom back of the doll's package.

The packaged reveal surprises in this order if opened as directed: Comb/Stamp Sticker, Shoes/Phone Sticker, Accessory/Random Photo Sticker, Accessory/Random Photo Sticker, Doll with Signature Card (and later Stand).


  • Collector's Sheet.[1]
  • Collectors Stamp Sticker Sheet. [1]
  • Phone Sticker Sheet. [1]
  • Character-look specific Shoes.
  • Two Randomized Photo Stickers.
  • Two character-look specific Accessories.
  • Dressed Doll.
  • Signature Card. This is standard across each character and behind the doll.
  • Stand. This started in a third release and is found in the space behind the doll's packaging at the bottom.

Package Backdrops

The following are randomized across regular finds and Rares:

  • Noah's Bedroom/Recording Studio
  • Beachside Boardwalk
  • Hanging Chair Den
  • Café Interior

Rayne Showers as an Ultra Rare has a unique metallic roller rink themed background.

Series One Gallery

Series One Releases

~ is a Signature Look. Italicized are Rare Versions. Bolded are Ultra Rare Versions.







Dee Dee







  • This series has what fans referred to as the "InFamous Fourteen" who were not initially found during the first weeks of release.

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